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Brief Biography

   Malam Muhammadu Dantsoho and Umma  Katume were blessed with one and only son Garba Maisikeli. From available information collected from archives and oral narration, Alhaji Garba Maisikeli was estimated to have been born around 1906 at (Ikko) currently known as Lagos. His parents were then stationed in Ikko as traders. Muhammadu Dantsoho (Garba Maisikeli's father) was born at Gunka (then under Hadejia Emirate). He was a grandson to Limamin Gunka of the time.
      Muhammadu Dantsoho left Gunka in disapproval of an arranged marriage and moved to Kano where he met and married his God-sent life partner and wife Umma Katume.  Umma Katume was a daughter to a well-known trader at Jingau quarters in Kano city.
      Right from childhood, Malam Garba Maisikeli was identified by his peers and Islamic teacher to have been ahead of other students, so he was solicited to help teach other students.
      Since he was not enrolled in the primary school (Makarantar Boko), he bartered to teach Islamic and Arabic lessons to kids who were enrolled in elementary school, and in return learned how to read, write and perform some rudimentary Arithmetical calculations from his friends. From thereon, the rest is history. 

Malam Garba Maisikeli

      Young Garba Maisikeli bought books and perfected what he learned in both Islamic studies and (Boko). His quest for knowledge led him to explore different subject areas and disciplines including Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Tauheed (Oneness of Allah), Mandiq (Logic), Falsafa (Philosophy), Nahwu (Arabic language grammar), Tasawwuf (Islamic Spritual science), Caligraphy and Astronomy/Astrology which he is rightly and very much identified with. Due to his Mathematical capabilities and quest for perfection, and ability to assess and calculate agricultural commodity prices without any hesitation, his peers nick-named him "Maisikeli".
      Alhaji Garba Maisikeli was a reputable and polished accountant, a community leader, a tireless advocate for truth (Haq), a straight shooter (Not afraid to call a Spade a Spade), a poet, prolific writer with set of books under his belt, and a man of unshakable faith in Allah and his Messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).
      Apart from neighborhood children he taught and sponsored to attend formal schools, he mentored neighborhood children by establishing a night school, and was recognized as one of the first few people to set up Islamiyya schools in Kano city.  Due to his vision for the future, Malam Garba Maisikeli advised and encouraged Alhaji Ahmadu Dantata and Alhaji Sunusi Danata to establish   Madrasatul-Ulumiddeen and Dantata primary schools in Kano.
      Malam Garba Maisikeli had over 38 years of meritorious service to A.D.S., Alhassan Dantata's company, where he served as a financial controller. Some of his contributions to society include set of proven and tested herbal medicines that have helped and continue to help cure thousands of people from their ailments.  Other notable contributions include Ajami literacy books, poetry collections, Tauheed books, perpetual Islamic calendar, and other unpublished literary works. 
In recognition of his contributions to Education and the society at large, and his quest for education, Bayero University Kano conferred an honourary Doctorate Degree on Malam Garba Maisikeli in 1990.  May All mighty  Allah grant him Jannah Ameen.  May Allah guide those of us he left behind to keep his legacy alive Ameen.
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