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This Website is created and dedicated to the memory of Dr. Garba Dantsoho Maisikeli of Kano City, Nigeria. The late Garba Maisikeli was a Great Visionary, Shaikh, Astronomer, Philosopher Religious leader, author and genius of his generation, and a guiding light for generations yet to come.  He was indeed a great teacher and a mentor who exemplified perfection and demanded excellence.
The great positive legacy wisdom and vision he left us have affected thousands of people and will continue to affect generations yet to come.  May Allah (Subhanahu-Wa-Ta'ala) grant him his Jannah, Ameen. May the family he left behind and the coming generations continue to benefit from his wisdom, and may Allah guide them and give them the ability to keep the legacy alive, Ameen Summa-Ameen.
If you have any comments please drop us a line through the "Contact us" button on the left panel, and we will take time to respond to you Insha-Allah. Wassalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.
Webmaster: Dr. Sayyed G. Maisikeli